This little no-frills blog is dedicated to the lovely & cute world of Japanese Idols including Junior Idols, Gravure Idols, AV Idols and a little bit of everything else. There will be a new post every day (or every few days) with a new batch of content to download. Expect some awesome collections!

Asian Teens Club uses FILEJOKER for all file hosting needs.

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What's the password?

The password to all downloads (if requested) is: asianteens.club

Do you take requests?

Not really, but if you ask nicely I might consider it.

How often will you post?

Usually a few posts each week, at the very least once. Sometimes there will be multiple posts.

What kinda content will you post?

That's hard to answer. Mostly Junior Idols, some Gravure and AV Idols. Obviously the name of the site means that 'Teens' and 'Lolitas' are the most common theme.

Do you post videos?

I will now be doing some trial runs with compressed videos. I cannot offer HD vids, sorry. My ISP isn't fast enough to upload high quality videos.

What about legal stuff?

Nothing posted here is illegal (the adult stuff is all 18+), but laws differ from country to country and laws can change. Suffice to say: if you feel uncomfortable here, you'd better just leave. If not, ENJOY!

Links are down?

If you find dead links please let me know in the comments. I'll try my best to re-up them within a few days.

Why don't you include original filenames?

DMCA takedown notices are much more rampant on file lockers, hence the naming system. I usually find that files stay online much longer (weeks to months, vs mere days) when using custom names. However it's still possible to find the original filenames within the sets. If you are a serious collector looking to fill gaps in your collection, this blog may not be suitable for you.